The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

13 July, 2011

A Work of God


We ate about 11 kg of meat together! Beside that, we also did more valuable things like building up relationships. Praise God that He provides us with friends to minister to. Praise Him that our friends are becoming friends among themselves. Pray that God will do a miracle and create a desire among all these friends to commit themselves to seek God with all their mind, heart and strength.

Some Christians have called the Hadramaut region of Yemen one of the most unreached areas in the world. There are other unreached areas, but what makes this part of the world more unreached is the lack of any Christians living in the area. Places in Saudi Arabia would be unreached, but there are still business people and other laborers living there that know and walk with Jesus. These kinds of expatriate Christians just do not live in the Hadramaut. (please view this video and pray for this part of the world).


Pray for all of the house keepers and child care workers from Asia who love the Lord and are working in the Gulf. Ask that they will be protected from abusive employers. Ask that they will be a witness to the families that they work for, through their actions as well as their words. Ask that they will have fellowship with other believers.

Pray for a female Sharia lawyer who is questioning Islam, and for her Christian friends as they talk with her.

Last week the president of Yemen spoke from Saudi Arabia on TV to his people. His face is dark from the burns sustained when he was injured in a bomb attack in June, looking very different from the confident man in previous pictures. His hands were wrapped in bandages. After his speech, fireworks and celebration from those who support him erupted in the capital as all the rumors stating that he had been killed have been silenced. Pray for his healing. Pray that he will think about eternity as he has had a brush with death, and that he will hear about the Savior who loves him. Pray that he will do what is best for the people of his country. Some believe that if he steps down and allows elections, the country will begin the road to recovery.

A small fellowship of local believers is without their leader, who is in prison. Pray that God would increase their steadfastness, and strengthen their bonds toward one another during this time.

We told a number of Bible stories during our time together. "Abdullah" kept asking questions related to items mentioned in his holy book, asking if we knew these stories. We suggested at some point that he should have a copy of our book so he could compare. He agreed. Pray that God gives an opportunity to give our book soon.


"Lateefa" has been married for 3 years and is unable to have children for medical reasons. I went to visit to say goodbye before leaving for the summer, and after asking and getting "Lateefa's" consent, I prayed in the name of Jesus. At the end, "Lateefa" commented that the words really affected her and I mentioned that it was the Spirit of God. "Lateefa" was fighting back tears. Please pray that God will remind her of His intimate presence with "Lateefa" and His love for her. That He will draw her to Himself. That he will grant her a child and it will be obviously a work of God, through Jesus.