The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

13 April, 2011



A local believer is asking his Christian friends here to teach him the Bible as fast as possible, so that he can share what he learns with other seeking locals! Praise God, and may others like him catch the fire.

Just below Iraq and in the northern part of the Gulf, the Kuwaiti Arabs are some of the richest people in the world. The country has much wealth. Please watch this video and then prayer for the Kuwaiti Arabs


Pray for the negotiations and talks - that the various parties to the talks would have patience, forbearance with one another, and be able to reach a good agreement that has the best interests of the country and the people at its heart. Ask that the main players will be able to set aside their personal differences and their personal ambitions, in order to ensure a good future for their country.

Please pray that God will raise up Arab believers to teach healthy, Scriptural child-rearing and family dynamics to local Christians couples. Many struggle against deeply held cultural habits that restrain them from disciplining and loving as they need to, in order to produce godly character in themselves and their children.

The Father is at work in the AP, as people question their governments. Ask that they will seek to find answers to what their beliefs are. Ask that they will hear the Good News and respond to it.

"Mohammed" is a local believer who responded to Christ some years ago, and continued with fellowship and Bible study. However, he has a repeated pattern, not uncommon among local believers, of "disappearing" for some time, then getting back in touch with believers. It seems that God is determined to have His way with Mohammed. Pray that he will become consistent in fellowship, shunning all fear or complacency, and find a foundation in Christ, upon which he can build his life.

A local believer saw two of the protestors who died. Though he did not know them, he was affected by what he saw. It seems clear that such shock makes us vulnerable. Maybe the vulnerability tempts us to grab anything that promises to keep us 'safe', at least for the time being. So, he and I talked of praying for the witnesses and participants in the violence and activities. We prayed that the risen Lord would break the effects of shock and trauma and that no evil would be able to take advantage. He and I prayed for him and many others. Please join us.


'Abu' loves facebook and other related sites. A believer contacts him on facebook. This Christian Brother's ministry is to send invitations to facebook holders in our country asking them to consider Christ. After a number of messages, the brother contacted our team and asked us to contact 'Abu'. 'Abu' is acknowledging that he has left Islam (a rare statement for a local) but wants to listen to Christian teaching before he decides to leave Islam altogether.

We have studied Mathew chapters 1-8. He struggles with the teachings in it. He likes us as people, but the Spirit has not touched him yet and made him realize that he needs Christ.

It is wonderful for us to be working together with evangelists reaching out through the media. We have no stories, yet, of people in our networks turning to Christ but we are hopeful that God is preparing locals to accept the gospel.