The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

12 March, 2010

As Easter approaches.


It is thrilling to hear that there are Arabs who have received Bibles abroad and have brought them back with them into their home countries. Thank God for the people who reach out to Arabs in the West.


A family that has heard the Truth many times, through their friendship with a believing family, are discussing what they have heard. Ask that this family will believe. Let us never lose patience as we share the Good News. In God's timing, He will bring people to Himself.

Mohammed has been a believer for about two years. He revealed a step in growth a week ago, when confessing sin to a brother, and asking for prayer. This transparency is not typical among young Christians in our culture. Pray that God will encourage him in his humility, and give grace for faithful growth.

Pray for Peter and Kara as Peter adjusts to his new role at work. Pray that as he takes on the department chair role, his co-workers and students will see a godly management style through Peter.

S is a girl with an open-minded family and she herself is very open-minded and frustrated with the traditions in her country. She is still promoting Islam, but said that she is questioning some things and looking for answers. Her father received a Bible in London and she has it now. She was challenged by a Christian to read in it and ask questions when she doesn't understand. Pray that she will read it with an open mind and that God will open her spiritual eyes for the truth.

God's Word changes lives. Recently, a young woman who is very strong in the faith of this country, told her sister that our Book as not been changed (as many here believe) and that she should read it. Ask that these two women will continue to read the Book and that they will believe what it says.


Last Easter, my neighbour "Rahma" came over to wish us well for our Eid [Holiday]. I told her many people would be coming to our house for a celebration, and invited her and her family. She declined, and I asked her if she knew what it was we celebrate on Easter. She said she didn't know but was curious - was it something to do with a rabbit? I explained the Easter story, beginning back at the Garden of Eden when God first promised to send a saviour to redeem sinful mankind to Himself. Her face literally glowed with interest.

This Christmas, she and others watched from their balconies as our band of Christian carollers sang joyful songs announcing the birth of that Saviour-Redeemer, and gave out gifts of Arab sweets to all the neighbours. Each of her children received a personal Christmas gift; the first in their lives. She sent over a plate of goodies for us to share with our guests. As is the custom, I sent it back a few weeks later, full of something for them--including a cassette explaining again the significance of Jesus' birth for all mankind.

Please pray for opportunities to share more with neighbours as Easter approaches this year.