The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

12 January, 2010



The Christmas party at our home, that you prayed for, went very well. Ten people came and when we asked if we could share the Christmas story, they all exclaimed "Yes, we want to hear it. We have never heard it before!" After we read the story, we had a discussion on the differences between our story and theirs. After this, we were able to pray for them and through this, proclaim the Gospel message.


"Sincere", a local believer, and her believing daughters have had their ups and downs these last weeks. Often families that function under a lot of abuse tend to go through cycles of it, even those who are now believers within the family are not fully free from these things themselves. Continue to pray for this family to know God's redeeming power and healing in their lives.

Please pray for the Light of the World to shine His light into the hearts of darkness here. Pray for dreams and a stirring of dissatisfaction that would direct men and women to the true Light and to salvation in Christ.

Tentmakers in our country have diversified into the varied ministries of their choices during the past year; that, with a noted busyness in secular jobs, has made us feel the present need to renew and sharpen our focus. Please pray for our coming together with common convictions as to strategies, and with strengthening encouragement of one another.

The 6 who were taken hostage in June, are still missing. Ask that any information will be found, and they will be freed.

"Jimmy" and "Leoni", prayed for previously, have had a lot of opportunity to visit with their local friends this past Christmas season. Through this, they have been able to initiate and engage in faith discussions. Please pray that God will continue to grow these relationships and that this couple will creatively and boldly proclaim truth to their friends.


He looked a bit strange to me with a enormous amount of hair around his skull (about 15 cm curly hair all around). In the West we would recognize him as a teenager with a new trend. He shared that he is in danger to be caught by the police and be shaved bald because of a new rule the government issued. I asked him what he thought about the government deciding that is illegal to have an outlook like his. He kind of shrugged his shoulders and commented that you can't fight them. 75% of the population here is younger than 21 years old, but still they are controlled by the majority of "old" people with their rules to force each of its population into conformity.

Pray that the youth will be encouraged to think for themselves and have the courage to break the ranks - and ultimately choose Christ as their purpose for life and not rules and traditions.