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12 October, 2011

Special Prayer Special Prayer for UAE


From October 10 to 16 we are joining in with a special prayer effort called Pray4MuslimPeoples. They are taking this week to focus prayers on the UAE and we are joining in with them. Check out their website ( and download the PDF profile on the UAE

Prayershort Video

Also, PTAP over the years has put together many prayer shorts on the UAE. Please use these to increase your prayers. Take the time to view these videos and pray. For more videos search (youtube, prayershorts, UAE).

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

UAE Rural Arabs

UAE Rural Arabs


Pray for the people of this nation to find their fulfillment in a personal relationship with Christ and not in material wealth.

Pray for the believers in the United Arab Emirates to have opportunities to share their testimony with others, and for strength and courage as they face potential arrests and imprisonment for doing so.

Please pray for secret believers who earnestly desire to live for God within their families and workplaces. Many are on their own, blazing the path with no role models, Christian books, or fellowships to support them. May God "fill them with all might in the inner man, by His Spirit, with knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding".

Pray that God would connect the many Muslims in our area who are seeking truth with the Christian workers who have Bibles, Christian material and ready hearts to share with them. Pray that the Christians will be loving, safe & patient friends to seekers & new believers who have many issues & fears.

The few local believers are scattered and not meeting together. Pray for their spiritual growth, and that as they meet other locals, they will begin to show the community that it is possible to be both Emirati and Christian.

Pray for the government. They are open to churches in their country and happy that they bring some 'moral fiber' to the expatriate community. May this openness continue, and pray that Christians who come here for well-paid jobs can discover a Kingdom purpose for their life in the UAE as well.