The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

11 January, 2012

Real Love


Praise the Lord for recent requests for the New Testament and Jesus film after many years of silence.


Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula started in the early 2000's. The video we would like you to watch today is a challenge to join this prayer movement, to make praying for the Arabian Peninsula more key to our hearts,PTAP Overview


A young man and his family love the Saviour. They are plagued with poverty, barely having enough to survive in the best of times. This young day labourer continues to look for work. Ask that he will find a steady job. Ask that the Father will meet every the need of him and his family.

It is a cultural norm for new believers to be intermittently committed to fellowship and growth. Pray, according to 2 Tim. 2:2, that God will raise up faithful men and women, who will be able to teach others also, and so cause the local church to grow strong.

Pray that Christian workers will take better advantage of the freedom we have in this country. May the Lord see additional Christian institutions founded that would seed the Word in a natural way in our country and to visitors from neighbouring countries.

Pray that the Lord would provide more opportunities for tentmakers with a good grasp of Arabic to enter these unreached lands with few Arabic-speaking tentmakers.

Ask that the government leaders in Yemen will seek peace.


A young local lady, "Zeena" had a difficult youth with a lack of real love. She is very open-minded and has been studying different religions. She works in a hospital and last summer our colleague went to the hospital. Zeena saw her and wanted to get to know her because she said her face was shining. There have been several good conversations and she has been reading some of the Bible. Zeena was granted a visa to the US and our colleague and her family were going to the US for Christmas. They invited Zeena to come with them since she really loves to see how Christmas is celebrated. Pray for Zenna as she will spend the whole month with this family and see how Christians interact, even attending church with them. Pray that she will believe in our Lord and find the love she has missed.