The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

9 July, 2010

An inner voice.


There was an outcry of praise when we heard that God had made provisions for a visa for one of the local brothers. There had been great struggle in prayer over the last months for this visa. It is clear for us that God intervened. Pray for this small family as they move to study and live in a country where the church is widely available. God has proved that He answers prayer. We pray now with more confidence for the wife's conversion to the Christian faith. Pray that the brother will be accepted in a local community of believers where he can grow in knowledge and be discipled into mature faith and Christian leadership.


People from all over the world are in South Africa watching the World Cup football tournaments. Probably many from the AP are also attending the games, cheering for their favourite teams. Ask that they will meet people who love the Saviour and will strike up conversations with them. Ask that they will hear the Gospel and accept it, taking what they have heard back to their families at home.

While sipping on our Starbucks coffee's the other day, B. listened to the concept of dying and starting a new live with Christ. As soon as he heard we were in the same job field, he poured out his heart. The divorce of his parents, the negative comments of his father towards him, his lack of friends, his failure to succeed in his studies.... Very unusual for an Arab to open up like that. He mentioned that he had read the Bible, also very unusual in a country where the Bible is a forbidden book. Will you pray for B., that God will do an unusual thing in his life and keep bombarding him with the news that Christ is his only hope to change his life?

We had a wonderful time reconnecting with "Jason & Nancy" and the group. We've made plans for a joint vacation in September. We are looking forward towards this time with them. It will be intense, but we also know we will have much opportunity to talk about our Best Friend and to live-out His love and grace. Pray that holidays will be given to all so that we can travel as a group.

Many students are graduating from university. As there are few jobs available, it can be a discouraging time for those who are job hunting. Ask that many will find work. Ask that they will realize that God cares about their future and loves them.

Pray for the hostages who have now been held for over a year. Pray for news of them to be confirmed and that they might be released. Pray for the two rescued girls who are adjusting to their home culture.


A young lady who never felt an interest to get to know foreigners, saw a western girl buying some food. She felt something inside her urge her to talk to this girl. She thought, "Maybe I can introduce her to what I believe". She gained courage and introduced herself. The two quickly became friends and she invited the visitor to her home. Many meals were shared together, many conversations about beliefs occurred and the young lady asked for a Book. While reading it, she believed the Good News. Thank the Lord that she listened to that "inner voice" telling her to meet the other girl. Ask that she will grow in faith and that her family will also believe.