The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

09 February, 2011

The Seekers


A Christian movie, the first in the Gulf Arabic dialect, called The Seekers, is being aired on satellite TV this month. Praise the Lord that this powerful movie is now being broadcast. You can downloaded the movie from the internet at: The Seekers. The Seekers


Pray that many Gulf Arabs will hear about this movie and see in on satellite or download it over the Internet. May this movie cause a stir in the hearts of Gulf Arabs, that they would talk about it, blog about it, and spread the news on Facebook and Twitter.

Pray for the Arabs who will watch The Seekers movie over the coming weeks. May their hearts be open to receive the message, and may they, too, become seekers. Jesus tells us that those who seek Him will find Him.

Pray for workers who will be answering questions, or even providing Bibles for those who respond to the message from this movie.

Pray for the actors, producers, director & crew - many live in the Arab world. Pray for their protection as their names and faces are shown, pray for encouragement that all their hard work has finally come to fruition of this completed project.

Please pray for the many financial donors, who contributed to this project, and to all those around the world who prayed for this project during the several years it took to complete. Pray that they will be blessed.


Watch this space - we hope to bring you some testimonies in the coming weeks and months.