The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

08 June, 2011

Giver of Life


We just returned from a visit with "Abu Rashid". Praise God that my brother and I can work together in "Abu Rashid's" life. We shared about sin, righteousness, punishment and repenting. Our prayer is that the Spirit will touch him and awaken his soul for the need to know Him.

Please view and pray through the following video on the Saudi Government. May our great God pour out His Kingdom on this land, may He bring true peace to the land.


Last week, one of the local believers visited another city and spread the Good News in person, by audio, and by written word. He said, 'Of the 30 guys I saw, I could have handed out half again more of the material I had with me. I had to tell many to share with the others.' The 'sheik' of the family said, 'Yes, indeed, we that know Jesus is coming back. We honor Him. We now know more about Him and how important His sacrifice was.'

Please pray that God's Word will not return void from these, but come to bear an abundant harvest. Please pray for peace for this land. After the 'State of National Security' was lifted on 1 June, some newspapers have reported clashes in Bahrain. Pray also for National Dialogue, that both sides would come to the table and seeking peace, reconciliation, and real reform.

Exams started early June. 'Ali' asks us to pray for this period in his life. Pray that Ali, who is not sure if a god really exists, will know during this exam period that the Father God sustained him. Pray that Ali will have no doubt any more that Father God knows him and wants him to respond to His invitation follow Him.

We have prayed for "Abu N" in the past. He's been acting as spiritual leader to a small fellowship of local believers. But, about a week ago, he was arrested to serve a four-year prison sentence, the product of an unresolved (& possibly trumped up) court case from the past. Pray that the appeal of his case will soon be carried out, and free him. Pray for the calm assurance of God in his spirit. Pray for his wife and four young girls, that they will be provided for, and have a sense of peace.

Troubles in Yemen continue to escalate as the people in the capital city as well as in a southern city have seen much fighting in the streets. The president was injured in an attack on his compound and the newsmen state that he has been taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment. Also, leaders in Saudi Arabia are seeking to mediate a peace agreement. Pray for peace in Yemen.


Recently "Mohammed" has come back into my life after a 10 year gap. We have had many spiritually related conversations seeking to understand each other's faiths. He clearly understood the gospel back then. Now he is in a mess and needs help - spiritually for sure, but this is complicated with relational problems in his marriage, emotional and psychological problems at work and financial problems due to unwise decisions over the years. Pray for wisdom in how best to care for and relate to him, and share the hope he can find in the Giver of Life.