The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

08 February, 2012



Praise God for one-on-one relationships that are deepening between workers and local believers, as well as with seekers. Please pray for discipleship and encouragement in the Lord between them.


Pray for a political resolution to the political unrest of some months ago. May there be some measure of reconciliation as well as visible reforms. May the Lord strengthen the hand of those who want positive change over those who want steps backwards.

Pray for local believers who need discipleship/education about the Enemy & spiritual dynamics, so that they are not easy prey to the Devil's tactics. Pray they will receive teaching humbly & without interference from the Evil one.

"The Student" (we prayed for him before) finished his final exams and is moving to another city. He will see his parents and siblings more often. He is scared as he is not living as a Muslim. He is quite westernized and is afraid that his traditional family will make life hard for him. He has heard the Good News several times, but is not ready to commit. Please pray for him, that he will meet other believers who can help him in his walk to Jesus.

Many people in Yemen are suffering from job loss and lack of income because of the political struggles there. Those in the middle class are becoming poor and the poor have very little. Pray that peace will come, that the job market will increase and that needs will be met. Ask that needs will be met by God's people.

"Mohammed" said he wasn't so comfortable in the Arabic speaking congregation in our country, because the Arab believers are not so trusting of someone from a Muslim background, especially a citizen of this country. Please pray that local believers will find suitable fellowship that will stimulate their growth into Christ-likeness.


At our place of work, we have had a few people who have been having dreams. One lady had a dream that the end of the world had come and that there was much destruction and chaos everywhere. She was frightened and did not know what to do or where to run. Then she saw someone descending from the sky (it would seem), whose garment was as bright as the sun; so bright that she could not behold it. Then she awoke, terrified! She came to us, asking for the meaning of this dream. A few weeks ago, my secretary asked me if I had any plans to travel soon. I replied in the affirmative. She went ahead to tell me that she had a dream that I would be travelling in a particular month; she was completely correct! I encouraged her that dreams are real and have meaning. Pray that she will have a dream showing her the true way to salvation. Having had one dream that was accurate, we pray that she will accept the next divine revelation as likewise accurate.