The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

08 August, 2012

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• Ramadan, for the locals here, seems not only a time of seeking and a time of following rules, but also a time of rushing, driving erratically, and getting angry in the traffic with each other. Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict people of sin, and righteousness and judgment, and make them very thirsty. Pray this would be a time of revelation, of dreams and visions of the Messiah. Pray also for opportunities for believers to have Kingdom conversations with locals during this season.

• During this time of spiritual tension, pray for local and expat believers, for protection against discouragement, spiritual oppression, and temptation. Pray for local native believers to be strong in their faith, to trust in the Lord, and to be vigilant in prayer. May they know how to pray for those around them.

• Pray for Mohammed, who seems a very level-headed Muslim background believer. However, he comes around for fellowship, then "disappears" again for long periods. A couple of months ago, he expressed the desire to bring together a couple of Muslim inquisitive friends along with another Muslim background believer, to study the dependability of the Bible. Pray that he will again "show his face", and follow through on the desire to bring his friends to the truth.

• Please pray the Lord will give Muslims dreams and visions - especially on the Night of Power during Ramadan, as they seek God and his answers to their prayers.


The following video link is the overview video for Praying Through The Arabian Peninsula. Please pray with us that more people would desire to join this movement and pray for Him to be known in the AP. Do you know people you could challenge to partner with us in this movement?