The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

07 September, 2011

Another Miracle


Desire for God's Word is on the increase (see the below prayer point). Praise the Lord.

Prayershort Video

Across the Arabian Peninsula there are different people groups or tribes. We ask that you pray for theBaluchi People of UAE. Please watch the video and pray for them to come to know the Lord Jesus.


For whatever reason (some obvious country-wide changes come to mind), the New Testament is in much higher demand in the last few months. People are specifically asking for copies and saying others are asking for them, too. The supply has not been exhausted yet. Local believers are coming and distributing to those they know, requesting more copies when they run out. People are reading. One guy said, "We have been passing this one copy around between a group of us, each week changing hands." Pray the Word of God would bring Kingdom changes to this country.

Please pray for a friend "Karima" and her family. She is staying in an abusive marriage for the sake of her 5 children (if she divorces he will get the children as is the law here). Her husband is crushing her. May God change this situation and give her relief or change the husband and his heart. Please cry out for her. She is aware of God's love and compassion, and has read His Word. Pray that her spirit will become free and that she will find her hope in Him. Pray for the husband to know the Lord. Pray for this whole family.

The Yemeni president, healing from his wounds, was pictured as he walked through the hospital in Riyadh recently. Thank the Lord for sparing his life. Pray that he will have wisdom as he decides his activities in the future, making decisions that are best for his countrymen.

The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is looming, please pray for all those who were affected by this terrible act. Also pray against acts of violence that may be planned in any country in response to this, and that the Grace of God may be poured into hearts that still burn with hatred or vengeance.

Lift up the tribal leaders of Yemen who have much influence in their land. Pray that they will seek to put the needs of their people above any desire for power or money. Ask that they will work out a peaceful solution for their government to move forward and thrive. Ask that they will permit freedom of religion among their tribes.


Two local believers from different cities and different tribes are in contact with each other by internet and seeking God's will to marry each other. As you might know, the girl still needs full permission of her father to marry someone. Normally people marry within their family or tribe. Humanly speaking, it would be very difficult for them to get married but this girl has experienced miracles before. Pray for another miracle in her life, that they may marry and become a local believer family. If this is not God's will, pray that a suitable partner for each of them will become a believer. Pray also for protection, since this is a very risky operation. If the family finds out they are believers, or that she is chatting by internet with a stranger, this might be a reason to harm or kill them.