The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

6 October, 2010

A Hunger to discover.


He has this broad smile when we approach him. During our first meeting he shares between the lines that he has a Bible and has visited a church while on a journey. We are able to "drop" into the conversation some Bible stories. He has just called and wants to meet again. Would you pray for M that the Spirit will encourage him to read the Word?


Continue to pray for the people who live in the far north of the country. Ask that they will hear the Good News and respond to it. Ask that those who have heard, will believe and tell their friends.

In our neighbourhood, we are trying to set up an English class for ladies. We acknowledge the barriers there might be for ladies to come; different tribes, timing, spending time with non-Muslims, etc. Pray that God will lead the right ladies to us and we will be able to share our faith to them during class or in home visits. There is a prayer video about women called Women Behind the Abaya that we encourage you to watch and pray through. Clicking on the linked title will take you to Youtube, where you can watch the video.

Workers who were gone for the summer have now returned, and are situated in their tent-making jobs. Pray for those nationals they know who had shown interest before the summer, to be stirred up by God's Spirit to learn more of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for provision of a believing husband - it's the same request as before ... small sentence, big request!

Please pray for student ministries on college campuses in this country. Pray for good follow-up from an event on the weekend for students.


I met K about 3 years ago. It has been a great friendship in which we share, among other things, spiritual truths. K was not seeking information about my faith but seems to allow that I give it. K teaches me a lot about this country and family life, and I settled on the idea that he would be my guide in local living. He surprised me when he asked if he could take the Bible he found on my bookshelf. He started to read initially but soon gave up. Pray that God will give him a hunger to discover His Word. Unless God in His mercy touches him, K will not even realize that he needs to seek Him.