The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

6 June, 2010

Receive the gospel.


After two years, a local believer, for whom we've prayed, is now done with two court cases which were trumped up against him. In the first case, he has to pay about $3,800 dollars. In the second case, he wass completely acquitted! Please pray that no appeals will go against him, and also pray for the provision to pay for the expensive lawyer's fees.


Pray for the many Gulf nationals who spend summer vacation in the West - pray especially for those who may encounter Christians at the various summer outreaches in London, Europe and elsewhere. Pray that they will have more freedom to read the Word that they may be given, or to pursue seeking the person of Jesus. Pray that many will come to faith in Christ and be networked back to people in their home countries.

"The Rider" has been exposed to Christ for years, through relationships with devoted Christians. During the last 6 months, he has taken weekly Bible lessons and is committed to continue with these studies. When he was recently asked, in response to watching the Jesus film, if he wants to commit his life to Christ, his answer was neutral. Will you pray for "the Rider", that God will meet him and reveal Himself to him?

Pray for new team members, Kris & Jane as they continue their language study. Pray that they will quickly grasp the nuances of the language that they are studying - the grammatical rules that govern this language (including and especially the "exceptions to the rule").

Thank the Lord for all the rain that the capital city and surrounding areas have experienced this month. Gardens are flourishing and the green in this normally dry area, is refreshing. The rain will help the farmers. Unfortunately, there has also been flooding, causing damage in some houses and the death of 7 people. Pray that God would comfort the families who have lost loved ones.

Pray that God would network believers to each other, especially remembering those who have secretly believed in Him and who would benefit from finally getting fellowship and friendship, as well as teaching, from other believers.


Abu did not finish high school. He had a poorly paid security job for some time, but now spends his evenings in a park trying to make some money. He bought two electric powered child cars that a parent can rent for 15 minutes for 2 dollars. For the hour in which I shared the stone bench with him, he had no customers. Like Abu, there are many locals who struggle to pay their bills. Pray that Abu and others like him will receive the Good News.