The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

06 July, 2011

Proud Heart


Praise the Lord for Christian satellite TV stations in Arabic. Locals have come to Christ through them, and continue to grow through the teaching provided there. Pray for the ministry of one such station in particular, which employs local believers in addressing the shortcomings of Islam and the Quran.

In the mountains of the UAE is a small people group called the Shohouh. Please watch this video and pray for this people. Shohouh


Pray for all those in the Arabian Gulf countries who are travelling to other parts of the world during the hot summer months. Ask that they will not be attracted to the vices in the west such as alcohol and promiscuity. Ask that they, as family groups, will hear the Good News and accept it.

Pray that God would connect the many Muslims in our area who are seeking truth, with the Christian workers who have hearts, Bibles, & materials to share with them. Pray that the Christians will be loving, safe & patient friends to seekers & new believers who have many issues & fears.

Pray for the different factions that are vying for power in Yemen. Pray that they will figure out a way to work together to bring peace to that country.

In February we prayed for "Fatima" who was having a difficult pregnancy. She has delivered her baby, but quite early so the baby is still in an incubator in hospital. Fatima has asked her worker friend to keep praying for them.

Some nationals who are college students from our country are attending educational exchange programs in Western countries this summer. Pray that while there, they will be exposed to the gospel and given opportunity to believe in Christ.


"Badr" has difficulties in his life. He used to be the best student in his class but is struggling to finish university and has already repeated some years. He wonders what happened to him. "I've become fearful, I can't concentrate and life is not treating me fairly", is his complaint. He reads the Bible once in a while but it does not penetrate his heart. Badr blames circumstances, other people and his father but does not want to acknowledge he is wretch like all of us, needing the help of God. Pray God will penetrate his proud heart and bring him to his knees, acknowledging he that he needs God to change him.