The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

06 April, 2011

Tell Others


Praise God for groups of AP Muslims believers who meet for fellowship, discussing how to reach their own people, and who help produce indigenous Christian materials.

Many people from all over the world come to live in the AP for work. For some of them it is not the "promised land" that they were hoping for. They come hoping to make money to send home to their family. That does not always work out. Please view and pray for the issue of Human Trafficking. Some come to faith in the Lord Jesus in the AP.Human Trafficking


It was sweet to see the father bending down to tie the shoe leash of his son and observe the mother meanwhile giving loving attention to his brother. Praise God that this country has many loving families in which children learn to love. Pray that these families will find Christ. Pray they get to know Christian families and hear and see the gospel of redemption.

Many people from various countries come to the Gulf for employment. Surprisingly, they sometimes become believers while here. Such was the case with one Philipino, "Ricky". A tentmaker, returning from discipling a local BMB, visited the restaurant where Ricky works. They had become friends over a regular pattern of visits, and so this past week, Ricky prayed and believed. Pray for his growth, and also that many like him will gain a heart to reach the local people.

A couple from the majority faith have had their world suddenly turned upside down with obvious satanic attacks that began when they decided to follow Jesus. Please pray for them and many others going through such trials, many of whom don't know how to deal with such experiences.

Many locals are more open than ever before. Pray that workers will take these increased opportunities to share and that the Holy Spirit will ensure the seeds fall on well ploughed and watered ground. There has been no physical rain here for quite a while, yet my fig tree recently went from barren to covered in new growth without me noticing. We may not always see the Source but we can be confident that He is available. Pray for physical rain and the rain of the Holy Spirit.

Bahrain has been absent from headlines in recent days, but the conflict is not over. Currently, they are still under martial law & the fighting continues. The problems are isolated to many of the villages, however the villages are actually located throughout the city and not in the outlying areas. So this crackdown affects much of the country. Please continue to pray for peace in Bahrain, and for the many families who have been affected by trauma and death.


Recently three workers met with a local lady, "Fatima". She is quite open-minded and wants to know what we believe from our own mouths and not just from what she has learned about it. It was a good conversation, though she felt that we wanted her to change her beliefs and stated clearly that she would never do that. Later, she asked why Christians try to do that. I explained that if there would be only one medicine for cancer and I knew about it and somebody I know has cancer, it would be wrong for me not to tell him/her about it. We believe it is the only way and should tell others about it.

She learned a lot about us. It was the first time she heard that the Messiah actually came for the purpose of being the perfect sacrifice for our sins, while she always had learned that God loved Him so much that He could not possibly let him suffer and die that way.

Please pray for her salvation.