The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

05 October, 2011

Difficult Decisions


Thank our Father as he has brought to us 3 local believers. Some have walked with Jesus for a number of years, others just recently made the choice. One was met while he was baptizing a fellow countryman, the two others are desperate to follow this example. Pray that these baptisms can take place in the coming weeks.

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In the dessert region of the Arabian Peninsula water is extremely important. A few years back, a cyclone hit Oman causing much flooding and then it did not rain again for a long timeLet it Rain. Conflict and war are in the news in Yemen, but through it all water or the lack of water might be the biggest issue facing the Yemeni people. May we ask the Lord Jesus to bless the whole area with gentle rains and the coming of His living water.


A young lady who is a Believer has been very lonely, having no one to meet with because many of her friends have left the country. Recently, she met an African lady who is working in her country and the two of them have begun to meet together. Thank the Father for bringing the two together and ask that their worship of the Savior will be rich for both of them.

We received news from "Mohammed" who was in hospital for poisoning. He said that he ate something bad and was vomiting, it was not that anyone had tried to poison him. Thank God he is well now and at home. Pray for local believers to be strengthened in their faith...the possibility that a believer is poisoned by their family is real for those choosing to follow Christ in this country.

National believers in Jesus are often limited in the choice of other believers who come from a similar background and age group, with whom they can find fellowship. Praise the Lord for two elderly local believers in our country who have recently found much encouragement in each others' company. Pray that God would provide adequate fellowship for the few believers among nationals.

The nightly news correspondent gave a report about medical staff who have been imprisoned for treating those who were hurts in riots in Bahrain. Family members voiced their opinions with shouts of anger, with tears. Please lift up the people who are suffering from the events of past months. Ask that they will come to understand that God hears their anguish and that He can give comfort. Ask for the peace that comes from knowing Christ.

Please lift up the refugees who live in conflict areas of Arabia. They have no place to go when bullets are flying. Especially pray for one couple who love Jesus, that they will be able to give their fears to Him to carry. Ask that this couple will be kept safe, that they will be able to sleep at night and that all their needs will be met.


With the economic difficulties here in the country, a couple of the local believers have attempted to illegally enter a rich neighbouring country in order to find better work. One made it. The other was sent back last week, caught at the border. He said during his visit to us, "I found work today, but it was worth trying to get a better job." Pray for local believers who struggle financially and try to find a better way of life. There are difficult decisions to make. Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead them, and for Jehovah Jireh to provide for their needs.