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The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

05 January, 2011

God Will Open the Hearts


Over Christmas, a few locals guys told me they wanted to go to the ocean to get 'dunked', if you know what I mean... They form a small, but significant fellowship, and keep seeking to share with more in their neighborhood.


Yemen, maybe the poorest Arab nations, is a place where the Somali people are fleeing from the hardships of Somalia. They are leaving because of the suffering that takes place in Somalia. Please view (click on the blue title) and pray for this situation, Somali Refugees, Yemen

We need more workers! I can't see that there is a large harvest ready to be taken in by these new workers, though I still believe we need to pray for them. Pray that they will come from within our country, from among the locals we serve, local believers who are gifted to bring the gospel to their neighbors and facilitate in the establishment of God's church.

Pray for brothers in difficult financial circumstances. Pray that God would give them wisdom.

Pray for the new marriage of "Hamad' and 'Noor', both BMB's, that their marriage will be strong in the grace of Christ, and that they will have offspring who know the Lord and are used for His glory.

Pray for all those who heard the Christmas story for the first time in their lives during this season. Pray that they will desire to hear more and that they will accept the "Good News of Great Joy" which began at Christmas.

Pray for the government leaders that they will hear the Truth and respond favorably to it. Pray that freedom will be granted so that people can worship as they choose.


We had a large Pizza together, as a family with 'Fahad'. It is fun to minister as a whole family to 'Fahad', who prefers to sit with us as a family instead of the usual separation of men and women. 'Fahad' has studied scripture now for many months with our friends but unfortunately he does not seem to be believing its Truths. "I just study the scripture out of interest, not because I believe it". Again, it became clear to me, that unless God will open the hearts of those we are reaching out to, no one will be able to discover Him. Pray God will open Fahad's heart.