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The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

04 May, 2011

The End Times


Praise the Lord, "Tareq", became a new believer. He contacted other local believers during the past week. He told them how books supporting the Quran as being scientific had looked completely contrived to him. Through satellite TV and another contact, he eventually became a believer in Jesus and went out of the country to be baptized. Pray for his growth and place among the body of Christ.

In The News

Located in the country of Qatar is AlJazeera news service. The following video shows the influence of AlJazeera on the Arab worldand the whole world. This video produced back in February 2010 talks about Osama Bin Laden and the former Tunisian President. If you would like to pray throughout he headline news of the Arab world visit this web site at


It has been said that 2 billion people watched the British Royal Wedding this week. Some of the rulers from the AP were also present. Thank the Lord that Scriptures were read and some comments were made which shared Christian Truths. Pray that these words will be used to bring people to a greater understanding of what the Gospel means. Pray that unbelievers will come to Faith.

Pray for a Christian woman married to an local believer. She would like to get work to help support the family so that he can have time to get into the Word & grow spiritually. Also, he has many majority faith friends interested in hearing about his new faith, so please pray for that too!

Pray that all will hear the Gospel, through written or oral word, through dreams and visions.

Pray for those workers who have left, that their various transitions and future plans will become clear, especially after the stress of hasty, and sometimes forced, departures. That it will be clear to them and those sending them, if or when they should return.

"Fatima", a local believer is being forced to marry. She asks advice what to do. Please pray for wisdom for her and for those who will advise her. Also pray for protection for her, because this could become a serious danger for her if she refuses on basis of her faith.


The end times seemed an appropriate topic to talk about when we got together with a group of Christians and Muslims. The challenge was given to "Abdullah" to receive an overview of the teachings of our Holy Book and then study more about the end times as revealed by our Lord. This is a challenge that most locals will not accept. He came and saw a video that showed an overview of the whole Bible. He took it home, but hasn't come back yet. Pray that "Abdullah" will be stirred by the Spirit and becomes curious.