The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

04 July, 2012

Issues of Faith


Praise God for the new openness to hear the gospel. The needs and challenges facing many locals have been one way God has opened them up to the gospel. We are receiving more reports of people willing to listen to and discuss issues of faith with workers.


• Pray for the locals going abroad for the summer; that they will hear the gospel in that country or get a Bible and bring it back with them and read it.

• Pray for "Nasser". He's been having bad dreams for many months now. He is angry with the world and seeks help in Sufi teaching. Recently, he was more at rest and slept better. He wants to change his attitude in dealing with the difficulties in his life. Pray that he will seek Jesus as the answer for his need. He has heard about Jesus, but has not met Him yet.

• I have been encouraged to meet the sister-in-law of one of my local friends who is very keen to meet up and visit in our home. She has 3 lovely children and they go to a local school where several of the teachers are passionate believers. Her husband is going to live in the US for a year to study. Please pray he will meet true Believers who can point him to Jesus, and that "Sana", in her loneliness (when her husband is away) can also meet Christ.

• The Gulf is blessed and cursed by its government provided wealth. It seems all are "okay", however some of our believers from a Muslim background are not particularly sound financially and need to learn good principles of finance. Pray for those who teach them to help them apply God's word to their practical financial circumstances.


In Yemen there is a practice of taking child brides. Please watch this video and pray for this situation, Bride for a Month