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The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

04 January, 2012



We prayed a month ago that a baptism could be arranged for a local brother. Praise God it is planned for this week. We are thankful that God brought a person into his life that he respects, and that he is planning to use rituals during this ceremony to help our brother be convinced that he is a child of God.


Behind the Veils of Yemen is a book that came out last year. It is a great book. One page we desired to make into a prayer video. Would you like to watch this video and pray for Yemen and the whole Arabian Peninsula?

Behind The Veils of Yemen

Behind The Veils of Yemen


* Ask that all in Arabia will hear the Good News of Jesus' message in 2012.

* Continue to pray for peace in Yemen. Some news reporters have stated that military presence is leaving the cities where there have been conflicts. Thank God for this positive information and pray it will continue.

* Obtaining a visa that allows you to enter this country remains a major obstacle for Christians to come and minister here. Is it God's will to pray that more foreigners will come and minister in this country? Or is He going to do something new in these days and utilize the few locals to spread the Good News rather than do it through foreigners? Pray that God will fulfill his purposes either through foreigners (may more visas be granted) or through locals (may they grow in boldness and spiritual maturity).

* During gatherings of local friends, many opinions are expressed. Recently, the discussion was about the need for houses for locals. 70% to 80% of locals do not own a house. Many live with their wives and small children in the houses of their parents. Pray that the housing crisis will not limit seekers and believers to search for Christ due to a lack of privacy in the house. Pray that the Spirit will bring these big households all together to faith in Christ.


We have been on friendly terms with our neighbours for 3 years now although they have shown little interest in spiritual things. One of the daughters has tried to promote Islam with us, however. During Ramadan the family was keen to show us how wonderful that time for them is, and how much closer they feel to God. I was longing to share that good works will never be enough, but during my visits with them in Ramadan, the right words never seemed to come. Recently an opportune moment arose, and I was able to share the whole gospel, ending with the promise to give them the Jesus DVD so they could understand more. Please pray that they will watch this DVD and He will open their eyes to the truth.