The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

04 February 2018


Prayer Request

A young woman who has been reading the Word has been called back to her village by her father who wants her to become the second wife of a man who already has children. It would mean dropping out of school and being trapped in a life she doesn't want. After an attempt to reason with her father, he has given her the ultimatum of marrying or quitting school, getting a job in the village and turning all her income over to him. Please intercede for her freedom, not only from this undesirable situation but that she will be free to pursue her desire to know more about Jesus.

Please pray for "Jennifer" whom we have prayed for in the past. She is the local woman who is suffering from the effects of black magic. The good news is that her believing friends continue to love her and share the gospel with her. The bad news is that she has been moving away from them recently. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to work in her life, bringing her back to her friends so that the light of Christ would continue to shine in her dark life. Pray that the Father would speak to her through the Bible which she owns and also through dreams of Christ which she has had in the past. Let's continue to pray for her salvation!

Also pray for a local man in the same country as Jennifer who is reading the Bible with a believer. This is a big step and an answer to prayer after many years of prayer for this man. Both of these locals need the Holy Spirit to break through and change their hearts and minds completely. Pray that God would do so.


• With Jizan, Saudi Arabia, we have come to the end of praying for key cities throughout the AP. We started 16 months ago by praying for one city per month. We started with Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia and have now concluded with Jizan.

• Thank you so much for praying for these cities! God has heard and has already answered our prayers by recently sending laborers to several of these cities where there were none before. This is a big answer to prayer. The harvest is there and the laborers have been sent. Let's keep praying for more laborers for the harvest."

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