The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

04 April, 2012

Complete Healing


Praise the Lord for what He has done for us though the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pray that His children will have opportunities to share the message this Easter all over the Gulf.


As Muslims are called to prayer in the Arabian Peninsula, may we be prayingPsalm 96:1-4over them and this region.


• Please pray for the church-- all the members of the Body of Christ-- to be purified, cleansed, healed, strengthened, unified and empowered. May the fruits of the Spirit be seen in every one of us, and may we walk in all the good works that God has prepared for each of us, so that He is glorified and our joy is full!

• Lift up the children who are suffering from the sounds and sights of war in their country. Ask that they will have no long term damage and work through their fears and insecurities. Ask that they will hear the news that God cares for each one of them, that He sent the Savior to live, die and rise again for them.

• A local sister asks for prayer for her real and spiritual sister who is pushed to marry a Muslim man. Ask that the Lord will hinder this or turn the heart of this man to Him.

• Pray for wisdom for media organizations considering how to better adapt their programs to reach this Peninsula.

• A local believer was in a car accident several weeks ago which caused him to spend some time in jail. Finances were provided to pay for the damages. Praise the Lord for that, and ask that the case will be closed and he will be able to return to his family.


We spend some time with "Mohammed". He is in desperate need of healing. I do not know his medical diagnosis, but he has extensive muscle wasting, and he cannot talk clearly anymore. He can stand, but not walk (someone else has to move his leg forward each step). He came to our house this afternoon (with 3 family members). After spending a little while talking and finding out about things, we read through Mark 2 in Arabic (a family member reading). Then we spent some time praying for him (in English). There was no obvious immediate change. After a little more conversation, they got ready to leave. The family members seemed to have faith, they said God has already done it, now we will wait and see. On the way out, Mohammed was a little more stable. His brother proclaimed, "See, he is stronger than before". Please join with us in praying for Mohammed's complete healing. We are all co-laborers with Christ as we build His Kingdom.