The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

3 November, 2010



Praise God. 'Mohammed' (whom we prayed for back in March) has begun to fellowship more with the national Arabic congregation, and that he continues to grow in his faith.

Praise God for churches in other lands that love the Arabian Peninsula and pray to see workers even get into smaller cities. Please watch and pray through a short video on this Praying Church


Pray for followers of Christ from an Islamic background who are worshipping secretly, for fear of persecution in this country. Pray they might find courage to meet with other believers, and that they would grow in their faith.

A 'tentmaking' lady gave a New Testament to a local Arab friend, "Shamika", almost 5 years ago. After that long lapse, she once again ran into Shamika in a grocery store. Shamika brought up the fact that she's been keeping that New Testament with her wherever she goes! Pray that its words will reach her heart with transforming salvation.

"Emma", a local believer, is still hoping to get married, to an unbeliever, but a number of family members have been opposed to the situation. Please pray for God's will to be done.

Please pray for my neighbour G - and her large family - I have given her a Bible and try to make the most of every opportunity. She says she loves visiting me and invited herself to my house again this week, but has only shown occasional interest in the Good News. Pray that He will open her heart and that of her husband and children, and give them all a desire for Him.

Pray for Muslims to have supernatural, life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ. Pray for new Believers to be discipled and grow strong in the Lord.


I was teaching English to a strict Muslim lady in my house and she had to use the bathroom. In our bathroom I had hung an Arabic decoration that said: 'Oh Lord, bless this place.' She came back with it in her hands and told me that it is not possible to hang something with God's holy name in an unclean place like a bathroom. I told her that we believe God can be anywhere, even in the bathroom, but she would not accept that. It is improper. I understood that this offended her and have hung it in the hall instead. In my attempt to be a witness to people, I actually offended them by hanging something in the wrong spot. Pray that we may have wisdom how to share our faith.