The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

03 February 2020


Light Shines in the Darkness

• Renting two cars, a group of believers drove for an hour to the center of the Islamic world, the stronghold of darkness that blinds millions of people to the Truth. They drove around the city all day praying for the Lord to send His presence into the city and set people free from the chains of Islam.

• Returning to the city they were staying at, the believers left one rental car in the parking lot of the ladies hotel and went to drop off one person on our team at the airport. When we returned to the ladies hotel to retrieve the rental car, they found that a man who had run into and damaged the rental car that we had left in the parking lot. He was from the place where they had just been praying all day. One person in the group prayed for him in the name of Jesus, the name above all names. This moved him to ask for prayer for his wife. Over the last three years they had lost three children, most recently twins. The believers prayed for this couple. Having prayed all day in at the center of Islam for God to defeat the darkness and bring people to the Light of Christ, they were now praying specifically for two people from that city.

• Later, through social media, one of the ladies on our team who speaks Arabic prayed for the man's wife Helen again. Please join us to pray for Helen. She is hurting and in pain from loosing three small children. Pray that more people from this city will hear of the Lord Jesus Christ and receive His care. Pray that God will work to bring people living in that city and visiting this city year after year out of the darkness and into the glorious Light of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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