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03 August, 2011

Special Prayer for Saudi Arabia


As many of you know, Ramadan started on 1st August. 30 days has produced 20 years of prayer booklets for this time of the year. Today and tomorrow is a special focus on Saudi Arabia, please pray for this country.

Prayershort Video

As we focus our prayers on Saudi Arabia (click to view video and pray). We encourage you to sign up for a daily prayer email that will help release more prayer for the Saudis and Saudi Arabia. To begin receiving the daily email, please go to: Click the icon on the front page of the website. Fill in your email address, and you will begin receiving a 1 minute prayer guide for the Saudis.


Mecca, a city of 1.7 million, is known as the spiritual centre of Islam. Every day, 5 times a day, Muslims face Mecca to pray. Millions make the pilgrimage every year during the Hajj to this city. Pray for those living in the city, for secret believers and for those seeking the Truth.

The Qasim region in the heart of Saudi, gave birth to Wahibism, a form of conservative Islam. In this region, a few groups of expat believers come together to pray and worship. Pray for protection for these groups and that they are overwhelmed with joy, have an abundance of gifts among them and an attracting power by showing love among believers and non-believers.

Pray for the city Zilfi, in the conservative heartland of Saudi. A huge mosque is being built in this city that is only smaller than the two mosques in Mecca and Medina. Pray for this city, and the neighboring cities of Onaisah, Arras and Buraydah. Pray that God will shine His light into these places.

There are about 150 major tribes in Saudi Arabia. This year believers are asked to pray specifically for the Utaybah tribe. This tribe has historically played an important role in the Saudi army. The tribal leader lives in a small town called Asif, and the majority of the tribe is found near Riyadh, Jeddah and even as far as Kuwait. Pray for the Talhah clan, the Mezham clan & the Bano Saad clan, which are all divided into numerous families.

'Fatima" is a Saudi girl in an open-minded family and she herself is very open-minded and frustrated with the traditions in Saudi. She is still promoting Islam, but said that she is questioning some things and looking for answers. Her father received a Bible in a Western country and she has it now. She was challenged by a Christian to read in it and ask questions when she doesn't understand. Pray that she will read it with an open mind and that God will open her spiritual eyes for the truth. It is thrilling to hear that there are Saudis who will receive a Bible abroad and also bring it back with them. Thank God for the people who reach out to Arabs in the West.



I beheld his light from afar

from behind the mountains

from behind the horizon

He arose like the light of the radiant morning filled with joy.

He arose within my soul so filled with darkness, my lost and confused soul, my soul that did not know the meaning of rest...

Yet he visited me like the gentle breeze. Like the fragrance emanates through the hills. He visited me...

He inhabited the depths of my heart

and settled there within

He filled my soul with purity, with life

He is Jesus, the tender compassionate one Jesus, the source of my joy Jesus, the anchor of my soul

I adored him since I first met him, and have melted in passionate love for him. And how could it be other-wise!!?