The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

02 May, 2012

Bring Together


Praise the Lord for the locals who came to watch a Christian service that was moved out of its original place because of changes in the government permissions. May God bring the gospel into areas where more locals can hear about Him.


In every culture the children and youth are people starting to find new way of life. We want to be prayer for the Children and Youth in the Arabian Peninsula to have the opportunity to know the Lord Jesus.


• Pray for expat believers to have a vision and a passion to reach out to our local indigenous cousins. Believers need renewal, empowerment by the Spirit, and the heart of the Lord, for His love for the locals. We need God given opportunities and encounters and to actively step out in faith to find these.

• Pray for the poor of the AP, especially those who live in a nation that is riddled with economic problems. Ask that they will have food and that the distribution will be successful.

• In past years, many young men accepted the Savior. Due to fear and lack of fellowship, they have lost their excitement and boldness. Some are no longer in contact with other Believers. Ask that the "burning desire" which they once had to study the Word and to pray will return. Ask that they will seek out other Believers and begin to meet with them.

• Pray for workers and teams in this country. Pray for continued boldness to sow seeds in wisdom. Pray that workers will stay protected. Pray for personal revival in our lives and a renewed passion for the lost.

• 'Jamal' is a local believer who had some health challenges. He underwent some procedures and is grateful for the recovery that God has granted him. Pray that he will rely on God for strength to change some of his life habits. Pray for his family members (still unbelievers) who witness how he trusts in God for healing.


'Mohammed', a believer from the majority faith, expressed his desire to bring together another local believer and two locals from a neighbouring country who are living here, with whom he has discussed the Bible. He would like "Daniel", his Christian expatriate friend, to lead a study with them on the dependability of the Bible. Pray that 'Mohammed' will follow through on this prompting, that the two locals will believe, and that all will be strengthened in their faith.