The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

02 February, 2011

Use Dreams and Visions


Praise God for Arabic Christian media & literature that has been produced & made available, for the many Arabic sites reaching out to Muslim seekers, and for those who help to provide funds.

This week we would like to ask you to focus your eyes and prayers on the northern Arabian country of Kuwait. Kuwait


Yes, it actually does get cold in the winter in Arabia! Pray for the poor who are struggling with cold weather in January. Pray that their needs will be met. Pray that they will hear the Good News of a Savior who cares about their physical and spiritual struggles.

Abu R has agreed to start to compare the Bible with his holy book. We plan to start with the story of creation. Abu R is hoping to convince me about the teachings of his religion, but I trust that our God will direct his heart towards Him. Pray that he will desire the Word that became flesh more than anything, and that although our teaching is so radically different, he will still want to know and understand more.

It seems that petty matters can be the tool of Satan in separating young BMBs from one another. Pray for a spirit of forgiveness, forebearance, humility, deference, and love among them.

As young people in Southern Arabia look at the news of events in other parts of North Africa and the Middle East, ask that they will not mimic those events, but will seek to solve differences with authorities in a peaceful manner. Ask that all those who are upset will hear the Good News of the love that the Father has for them, that He cares for them and offers them salvation.

"Miriam" reads the gospels and has believed. Pray that she might find regular fellowship with other believers. Her husband is very strict on whom she is able to see. Please pray for his salvation too.


"Edith", a worker in the AP, met an Arab woman "Noor" 8 years ago on a plane. Noor had just become a believer. They were in contact for about 6 months and then all communication stopped. Edith received this note from her today:

"Hi Edith, I remembered you today cause yesterday I saw Jesus in my dream and spoke to him and followed him into a church...anyway long dream:).It was a very pleasing dream and quite unexpected! My heart feels much lighter since that dream, just felt like sharing this with you :) it seems he keeps choosing me again and again and I'm very glad he's not forgetting me although I have forgotten him long time ago! Hope everything is great with you. with love, Noor"

Pray that God would continue to woo Noor back to Himself and continue to use dreams and visions to bring our friends to Him.