The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

01 June, 2011

Into His Hands


Praise God that I was able to give a Bible to my local colleague "Amy" this week. She was thrilled to receive it and asked, "Can I read it and we discuss it?" We have prayed for "Amy" a number of times in the last 12 months, please pray she opens her heart to Jesus.


It is exam time for many students. "Abdullah" asks for prayers that he may do well during this coming 2 weeks. He knows Christ can help him and his request for prayer is serious. It is my hope that "Abdullah" will notice Jesus acting in his life these coming 2 weeks before he returns to his strict parent-controlled environment.

There are still many who are in prison in our country and others who have lost their jobs. Please pray that God would show compassion to those who are suffering. Pray for the expatriate churches, that they would know how to show the compassion of Jesus amidst the crisis.

"Ahmed" called his foreign friend this week, telling him that he could not get a ride home to his village because the taxis were all full. People were fleeing the city as tribesmen and government forces clashed with one another. Lift up the people who are trying to get to safety. Ask that there will not be any more loss of life and that those wounded will recover fully. Ask that God will comfort those who are fearful during this difficult time in their country. Psalm 3:3-4 states that God is a shield around his people and that He answers us when we cry. Ask that the believers in the Messiah who are in danger or are fearful, in a country that is facing much strife right now, will feel His presence with them. Ask that God will protect them and their families from any harm.

"Mohammed" listened and contemplated the gospel shared by his tent-making friend, "Daniel". He then spoke of a YouTube video lecture showing a young American, who had turned from his Christian background to embrace Islam. ' Mohammed' said he would like for 'Daniel' to come to a diwaniya (men's gathering) after exams are done this week. Pray that the invitation will come to pass, and that God will guide 'Daniel's' words, as well as prepare hearts to respond in faith.

Pray for wisdom and courage for local believers who are caught in the issues of this country, that they would stand strong in their faith through the difficulties and find opportunities to share their faith to those who need to hear.


One of us sat and shared with a serious long-bearded religious man. Last time we were there, he had his nose in their book the whole time. This time, the book came down so that he could listen. The conversation was about the credibility of the NT. Was it corrupted? They tell each other that it is corrupted, until they are all convinced. But this time, the conversation ended with the long beard convinced that the NT is God's Word as we have it, not corrupted. Now, the problem of getting him a copy... or is there another way? Pray that the Word of God may get into long beard's hands.