The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

01 February, 2012

Touch the Hearts


A local believer took his wife to the coast to be baptized. Coming out of the water, she sang, 'Halleluiah to the Lord of my soul! My spirit glorifies the Holder of my life.' Her husband commented, "I have never heard her sing. She sings beautifully!" Praise the Lord for His rejoicing children.


Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula started in the early 2000's. The video we would like you to watch today is a challenge to join this prayer movement, to make praying for the Arabian Peninsula more key to our hearts, PTAP Overview. We are repeating this video from January because the link did not work.


- Thank God for "Zeena". She went to the USA with a Christian family for Christmas. She is open-minded on some levels, but it seems that her heart is still closed. She enjoys western culture and freedom and has heard the Good News several times now, but there is a dark side in her. Pray for the spiritual battle that is going on inside of her.

- Pray for those who are having significant difficulties in their marriages. Satan attacks believers as well as unbelievers as he spreads his lies! Pray that they will stand in God's truth as they work through these challenges.

- Please pray for the people who have faced the death of family members in the conflicts this past year. Pray that Jesus will speak to them through visions and dreams, giving them comfort and telling them about His love for them.

- Please pray for an Muslim background believer who we think is involved in some deception. Pray for his wife who is very much in turmoil & their Muslim cousin (literal cousin!) who is wrestling with the Truth about Jesus & her own situation. Pray she will be gloriously saved, have peace & confidence in her Lord & Savior.

- For young local men to see visions and have dreams of Jesus Christ; may they feel His love and desire to know more, leading to salvation for them and their loved ones. Many of them don't yet have a clue and are literally dying - not to self but because of selfishness!


For Christmas we made small cookie baskets and shared them with some of our local friends, inviting them to come and drink coffee with us in celebration. In each basket was a small card that had a Bible verse written in beautiful Arabic script. We chose a separate day for the ladies and another for the men. To our surprise we had over 60 locals turn up for coffee. We had a wonderful time drinking and chatting together. As opportunities opened up, we also had a chance to share about Christmas and Christ. One person took an Injil (New Testament). Recently I asked him about the Injil and he said his wife has been reading it; and passed it on to another lady in the neighbourhood, who is also reading it. Pray that His Word will touch the hearts of the readers.