The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

1 December, 2010



Praise God for the significant changes in the last 6 years! When we arrived, fellowship gatherings were interrupted and worshippers (all foreigners) brought to the police. The other day, a New Testament dropped out of one of our colleague's pockets. The same day, I walked into an office and heard worship songs coming out of a company computer. I made a comment about it and she testified her need for the Word in her daily duties, and showed me her opened Bible on her table. I could tell you about others who pray with their colleagues or hum praise songs in the corridors. Praise God for the change he brings. Praise for the hope He gives. Pray that His children will show their love for the locals in appropriate ways.


Pray for the government and leaders of this country, that they would honor the religious freedom that is proclaimed in their constitution. We prayed for Ali (25 Aug), who knows a great deal of his own book, and has studied the Bible. It seems that he did the latter to refute our book and not to learn from it. He thinks our scripture can be interpreted correctly in the light of the Quran. Since the prayer call for Ali, a number of discussions have taken place. Pray the Lord will touch him and open his heart when he reads the scripture, and that the things written will not be snatched from his heart.

Pray for a worker that has become part of four different local families. Pray that her testimony will be heard, that the literature and Bibles given will touch hearts, and that the Kingdom might be established in these families.

After a number of months with postpartum depression, "Amy" (whom we prayed for in Sept), is doing much better. She has been seeing a psychiatrist and has also been very open with friends and family about the help she is receiving. It is encouraging. Please pray that God continues to use this to reach her with His life-changing message.

Please lift up the several meetings that will occur between nationals and believers. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move in the hearts of the nationals, and that the believers will speak words of Truth to them. Ask that Good News will be shared as the two groups meet.


"Hassan" a believer, for whom we prayed in August, expressed bewilderment at having to live so isolated, away from the city. His estranged family took the house in the city. However, now that his grown son has believed, a tentmaker has encouraged him that God may want to raise up a church even from his own family. The thought had already entered Hassan's mind. The tentmaker continues to drive to this isolated location once a week where he and Hassan continue their study of the Bible. Pray for Hassan to indeed seek the Father's leading to begin a fellowship, starting with his family.