The Arabian Peninsula Partnership

The Gospel for every person and a church for every people in the Arabian Peninsula amongst indigenous peoples

01 August, 2012

Choose to Believe


Thank God for rain that brings life to the parched earth. As the summer rains come to an area of the AP that sees the most rainfall on the peninsula, pray that the truth of the Gospel will "rain" on the people as well. Pray that all will hear and believe.


• Ramadan has begun and people are more religious than usual. As they read and quote the Quran, pray that they will read the portions about Jesus and desire to know more about Him. Pray that they will hear the Good News that He offers.

• Pray for two brothers, "Mohammed" and "Rashid" who became believers after watching Christ's transformation of their father. It seems they reacted when some well-intentioned believers spoke about coming to church in front of their Muslim family. They now stand apart, even though report has it that they talk of Biblical truth to one another. Pray that they would find a place of fellowship and trust with fellow believers.

• Pray for local believers desiring to be married to other believers - provision of a Godly spouse, favor from both families, etc.

• Pray for a college administrator in the Gulf, "Nadia", a Muslim, who was intrigued by the life of her Christian colleague, and asked, "What actually is your church . . . your beliefs?" In learning that believing in Christ affects your whole lifestyle, she wanted to talk about it more in the future.


Praise the Lord for this video testimony of a Saudi man that shows there is an alternative choice to Islam. This is the first in a series AWM is producing in partnership with Middle East Media. Take a look at the English subtitled version. Pray that many Arabs will view the Arabic version online and choose to believe in Jesus.