Partnershaft Arabische Halbinsel

Das Evangelium für jeden Menschen und eine Gemeinde für jede der einheimischen Volksgruppen der Arabischen Halbinsel.

25 January 2017


• Pray for the Lord to open new doors for new projects. Pray that the Lord would provide funds for a media project to produce between 50-75 short (5-10 minutes) videos in the local dialect to reach the Saudi people via a variety of social media platforms, as they are some of the world's most active users of social media. Pray that this project would become a reality so that many will come to faith and be discipled at the same time.

• Pray for believers in Christ who are facing opposition, that they will be strong. Pray that God will give them courage, wisdom and strength in the challenges that they go through.

• Pray for the many in Yemen who are facing starvation due to war. Pray that embargoes will be lifted, that food will be sent and that it would reach those in need.


PTAP is partnering with other believers in praying for key, strategic cities throughout the AP. This month, we focus on Dibba, UAE. In particular, please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send workers to Dibba, UAE. These cities have no or very little Christian witness. In addition, please pray that the Lord would raise up Indian and Filipino believers who already live in Dibba to share the gospel message with their Emirati neighbors.

Let's pray for Dibba through this prayer video!