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Das Evangelium für jeden Menschen und eine Gemeinde für jede der einheimischen Volksgruppen der Arabischen Halbinsel.

07. December 2016


Update on the October 28 Woman

For many Muslims, it is a long journey to faith with many ups and downs along the way. On October 28, we shared about a local woman who is a victim of black magic and who also saw a vision of a red cross on the wall of her bedroom. Praise God that Christian women continue to meet with her and minister to her needs. This woman, whom we will call "Jennifer" from now on, is currently suffering from much fear and anxiety due to the black magic in her life. She is calling upon God in the name of Jesus but also continues to read the Quran to find any relief from its power. The core problem is that her family practices black magic in the home. Strange things happen. For example, last week, she found her maid completely naked and dazed in her home. Needless to say, this shocked Jennifer. She also suffers from physical ailments which she believes come from this evil. She lives in fear and paranoia believing that people and demons are after her. She is desperate and needs our prayers. Ultimately, she needs Jesus Christ to save her from her sins and regenerate her in the Holy Spirit. Then and only then, will the demons leave her forever. So please continue to pray with us for her and her family's salvation. Pray that Jesus would free all of them from the tyranny of this evil. Pray that the Son of God would destroy the works of the devil in their lives (1 John 3:8) and pray that she would read the Bible and be released and have no more fear but only the love and peace of God in her heart.


• Praise God for saving two, Muslim South Asian men recently! There are millions of South Asians in the AP and God is moving among them as well. The first one is from Bangladesh. He has been attending an expat church for three to four months now. He has made a profession of faith, but is afraid of what his mother and father will say when they find out. Please pray for him and his parents. Pray that he will be strong in the faith and will love his parents into the Kingdom despite any opposition.

• The second man is from India. He has been a seeker and has had ties with members of an expat church who have been sharing with him. He has also made a profession of faith and immediately asked these believers to share with his father and three brothers. His father is an imam (an Islamic leader). The believers traveled a long distance to meet his family and in due time, the father and three brothers came to faith too! So praise God that He is working through entire families. Because the father is an imam, there will certainly be challenges ahead (2 Timothy 3:12).

• Pray that the Lord would keep these new believers strong and vitally connected with Him and other believers so that they do not revert back to Islam. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Pray that they would continue in what they have learned and be discipled well in a community of believers that love and support them (2 Timothy 3:14).